Vocational Courses in India

05 Aug 2013

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Vocational courses are certain disciplines which enables individuals to acquire skills which are traditionally non-academic and totally related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation. They are also known as Technical Education, Career and Technical Education (CTE) or Vocational Education and Training (VET) as they directly develop expertise in a particular group of techniques or technology through manual or practical activities.

Vocational courses give dual advantage of traditional knowledge as well as the vocational skills. Their focus is on specialised as opposed to a generalised understanding of different disciplines. They offer realistic insight into the requirements of a particular job/job type. Individuals develop skilled manpower through diversified courses to meet the requirements of mainly the unorganised sector. With diversification in each field, the various industries require more skilled labour. There are Certificate, Diploma and Degree vocational courses.

Examples of some of the vocational courses available in our country:

Diploma in Beauty Care

Diploma in Painting

Diploma in Food Preservation

Diploma in Catering Management

Diploma in House Electrician

Diploma in Videography

Post Graduate in Audio-Video

Diploma in Professional cooking

Advanced certificate in Industrial training

Certificate in 2D & 3D animation

Certificate course in Call Center training

Certificate course in Clinical Nutrition

Certificate course in Camera & lighting technique

Certificate in CAD

Diploma in Professional Baking